Social Media Marketing & Management

Reach more customers. More engagements Daily! 

Social Media Marketing & Management

Reach More Customers. More engagements Daily!


What's Different with Our SMM Services?

Social Media Managment with strong strategies that puts your business in front of prospects and builds organic audiences for your business on social media.
Social Media Marketing that increases your business visibility online, creating opportunities for referral and reviews from real people who use social media to validate your brand and professionalism.
SMM campaigns that keeps your followers in the loop of your business, with relevant content, therefore, producing quality followers and increased customer loyalty.
Social Media campaigns which reaches modern buyers who use Social Media to authenticate brand awareness and trust before buying goods and services.


What is Social Media Marketing & Management? (click)
Social Media Planning

Social Media Planning & Analysis

Prior to formulating SMM strategies for your business, our social media marketing experts analysis your business, brand, niche and offer to determine the best social media platform for your business. We review your current social media pages when available, your current content and engagements, current social signals and your competitors' social media marketings. 

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Social Media Page Creation & Engagement

Our Social Media marketing experts create your social media accounts, creates and brands your social media pages across platforms. We target social media audiences who share interest similar to your business, invite followers to "like" or "follow" your pages. The launch of your brand on social media is a big deal, we create events, such as online launch parties leading up to the launch your social media campaigns. 

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Content Creation

Your Social Media Page represents your brand and delivers your business to prospects on social media platforms. Professionally written contents validate your business, providing trust and brand awareness. We create quality content that adds value and engagement to your followers'. We will create rich social media contents, including charts, video, audio, training session, news, etc.

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Social Media Content Delivery

Building a community on social media with daily engagement is very time-consuming. We will do it for you.  Quality followers can lead to loyal customers, therefore, we attract persons with interest in similar contents to visit your page, by scheduling and delivering your content to your page several times daily. Our strategy will gradually grow your social media footprint organically, build brand trust and constant visibility. 

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SMM Campaign Monitoring & Optimization

We review and revise your social media content to grow with your brand, therefore, tracking the engagement of your fans and followers and analysing the data gathered allows up to make adjustments to improve and deliver better content. For example, when we identify a pattern, such as followers engaging most with particular contents, we can schedule more of that content, or reduce or improve contents that are not trending well. 

Social Media Campaign Management

Social Media Campaign Management

We manage every SMM campaign with the goal of increasing your profit. The number of daily posts to your page and boost of your content will determine the growth of your social media following. Increase in the content you deliver to your followers and increase in the financial boost of your social media campaign will increase the number of followers you acquire, which can drive an increase in your sales.

Our Five Step Formula

Real People. Real Experience.

Select the best plan for you and we'll take it from there! Grow your business on customer loyalty!

  • You Meet With Us

    We assign a social media marketing team to serve you. 48hrs after your purchase of our SMM service you will meet with your personal Pro to discuss our agenda for your SMM campaign. Your Pro will be your dedicated support through your campaign. 

  • You Talk - We Listen

    You are the best teacher in your brand/business. It is vital for us to listen carefully before we begin creating your branded social media pages and formulating your campaign.

  • We Plan

    The planning phase incorporates our ideas and yours. Our team of social media experts creates an SMM plan around your goals. Our planning is the backbone of the architect of your social media campaign. In this phase, the roadmap to capture your market share of social media is developed. 

  • We Create

    Here is where we put our talents and focus on creating the perfect social media campaign(s) for your business. We design your branded pages inline with your business brand. We create engaging contents and schedules your daily posts and engage with your followers!

  • We Optimize

    Our Social Media Management team monitors your campaign daily. We track the engagement of your social media followers and optimize your content for stronger engagements. We boost your brand and promote your content. 

More Growth. No Setup Fee. Pay as you go, after initial 3-month payment. No long term contracts. Cancel anytime.


$299 per Month
  • ONE Social Media Campaign
  • (Twitter, Fb, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • Audience Research
  • Campaign Planning and Mapping
  • Profile Branding
  • Content Creation
  • 10 Content Posts per Week
  • Full Campaign Management
  • Daily Campaign Monitoring
  • Full Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign Boosting + Budget Cost
  • Free Monthly Reports


$499 per Month
  • TWO Social Media Campaigns
  • (Twitter, Fb, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • Audience Research
  • Campaign Planning and Mapping
  • Profile Branding
  • Content Creation
  • 20 Content Posts per Week
  • Full Campaign Management
  • Daily Campaign Monitoring
  • Full Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign Boosting + Budget Cost
  • Free Monthly Reports


$699 per Month
  • FOUR Social Media Campaigns
  • (Twitter, Fb, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • Audience Research
  • Campaign Planning and Mapping
  • Profile Branding
  • Content Creation
  • 25 Content Posts per Week
  • Full Campaign Management
  • Daily Campaign Monitoring
  • Full Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign Boosting + Budget Cost
  • Free Monthly Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Media Marketing and Management?

Social Media Marketing is a digital marketing service which builds online communities to promote your brand, your service and offer. Social media presence increases brand awareness, trust and gives your business a professional and modern view. 

Social Media Management is the service which creates your social campaigns, engages your social network, designs and brand your social media pages, create valuable content and deliver the content to your followers. Social Media Managers are experienced in promoting your brand on social media platforms, targeting prospects who share your interest and obtaining social signals (likes, tweets, shares, etc). This is a daily ongoing function to organically grow your followers of quality prospective customers.

Saltotraffic Social Media Management is here manage and grow your social media campaign, with effective monitoring, optimization and boosting. 

Can our business benefit by social media presence?

Website Traffic 

Your business can most definitely benefit from a social media presence, it is where your potential customers are spending most of there times, so you need to be there. Millions of people are engaging repeatedly throughout each day on social media feeds; there is an opportunity for every business to gain additional customers and traffic - channelled from social media pages to your website. 

Product Reviews and Referrals

Social media platforms are the new TV, it is where your customers focus their attention. Prospects customers use YouTube to search for information on products and services, read the review of other people in the comments more than they watch TV. Social media is also a referral system as people "share," "tweet"(validate) and refer to business to each other.

Search Engines and SEO

SMM has become a part of your overall SEO that search engine algorithms use in determining your website's authority. People are searching for goods and services from their social media apps rather than leaving to search on search engines, you need to be visible in the social media search engines as your prospective customers search. 

Sales Conversion

Reaching the modern buyer will bring you additional revenue. These buyers use social media in their decision to purchase. They are checking more and more on social media for trust in your brand, to validate your professionalism, and gain insight into your social experience before making purchasing on your website. Having a call to action link leading from your social media page to your website, and from your website to your social media page can be the difference in your sales conversions. 

Brand Awareness and Trust

Building your presence on social media gives your business a professional, modern view - increasing your brand awareness and trust. Gradually increasing the quality of your followers (prospects) and your overall revenue. 

Do we need an existing Facebook, Twitter or other social media page?

No, your business does not need to have an existing Facebook, Twitter, or any social media pages. If your business already has existing Social Media accounts we will analyse your posted contents, review your business, band and offer(s), create campaigns, optimize and fully manage your social media page(s). 

If your business does not have a social media presence, Saletotraffic Social Media Management is an end-to-end SMM service that:

  • Creates your campaign(s)
  • Designs your branded pages
  • Creates and deliver your page content
  • Target quality fans and followers
  • Launch your campaign(s)
  • Engage your prospects
  • Promote and boost your brand
  • Monitor and optimize your social media campaign(s)

Can we choose a social network of my choice?

Yes, you can. However, not all social media platform may benefit your business. We will help you with selecting the social media channel that is best for your brand and products.

We will do the research for you and make suggestions of what will work best for your business. Our Social Media Experts will move forward to manage your SMM campaign once you have made a final decision on the platform(s) to market. 

Who will provide content for our social media pages?

Let Saletotraffic manage your Social Media Content

If you already have in-house company news, events, photos, videos, presentations or fresh offers, we can convert them into social media posts. If you don’t have any news or offers today, don't worry, our SMM experts will design and create valuable, interesting posts content for your business. 

Why should we hire you for our SMM services?

Having a social media community is key to your success. In today's market, when people are deciding who to do business with, they check for "social proof." Companies without a social presence are losing out on sales. We are on top of the changing dynamics of social marketing and will build your SMM campaign, manage and boost it to lead quality prospects to your page.

We do the heavy lifting for you

Building your social media community and following, and constantly creating quality content and engaging your followers daily are time-consuming. We are passionate about handling this for you! 

Once you choose an SMM package, you are integrated into a team of very skilled Social Media Marketers who work for the success of your brand.

Can I cancel my service at anytime?

Sure, after the first three months upfront subscription your service plan will revert to a month-by-month service.  At that point, you can choose to not renew your subscription, just drop your Marketing Pro an email and we will cancel for you. Otherwise, your plan will continue to be actively charged each month.

No refund will be made after three (3) days of any plan subscription. If after 30 days we have not received a payment to continue your service plan, your subscription will auto cancel and we will no longer provide services.

If you return to us after a three (3) months time laps without our service, you will be considered as an initial subscription and be subjected to the initial subscription of three months. 

Please contact your Marketing Pro immediately for the best resolution of any concern regarding your plan and billing. 

Do I need to keep renewing the SEO subscription?

No, the renewal of your subscription is optional, but we are confident that you will see rave results and continue growing your business with us.

What happen next after I have subscribed?

Within 48 hrs after you have made your initial subscription you will receive a personalized welcome email from your Marketing Pro, with a question and answer form for you to tell us more about your business and goals for your campaign. You will fill out this form and send it back to us.

Your Marketing Pro will then invite you to a kick-off call to reveal the results of your website audit, our analysis of your online footprint and discuss the agenda for our campaign and what to expect from our service.

After our call with you, we will gather as a team at the drawing board and create your campaign roadmap, then start building.

You may hear from us several times in the initial stages, then once we are settled in your campaign, your marketing pro will schedule weekly calls with you.

Any requested material or information will be via your Marketing Pro, who is also your dedicated support.

How long does a subscription last?

Most digital marketing services will take at least 3-months for there to be any real change online, therefore, your initial payment is a 3-month subscription plan with us. After the first three months is completed, your subscription will revert to a monthly plan (will be serviced on a month-to-month basis).

Your subscription will automatically cancel if no payment is made after 30 days.

If your account remains cancelled for a 3-months period and your wish to return for services, you will be considered as an initial subscription and be subjected to the initial subscription of three months. 

Your Marketing Pro is your dedicated support, please feel free to reach out to them with any questions about your account servicing.

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