Adwords Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Instant traffic & more sales with Google Ads. Google certified team!

Adwords Pay-Per Click Campaigns

Instant traffic & more sales with Googe Ads. Google certified team!


What's Different with Our PPC Services?

Our Google PPC advertising campaign is a fast way to secure consistent quality traffic to your website.
Our Paid Search ad campaign will drive targeted prospects to your business, and can increase your profit.
Our mangement of Google Ads automated bidding will save you money per click, causing your advertising budget to "stretch further."
Our human-managed advertising strategies can incredible increase conversions rates and ROI.


What is Google Ads Managment (PPC)? (click)
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PPC Keyword Research & Analysis

Your keyword-data is researched and analysed hands-on with the assistance of powerful keyword tools. The keywords/keyphrases for each Ad group are relevantly selected from many algorithms created for the specifics of your campaign. Minimize irrelevant clicks to your add and optimize your keyword spend with negative keyword selections.

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Pay-Per-Click Campaign Competitor Analysis

Our study identifies your competitors' online advertising footprints and analyzes their advertising strategies, product, landing page, converting keywords/keyphrases, Google Search Ad position, online and offline strengths and weaknesses. This information is used in determining the most effective campaign strategy for your advertising.  

Adwords Ad Management

Google Ads (Adwords) Management

End-to-end Google Ads management, including high converting ad-copy creations, with ad groups such as search ads, shopping ads, impressions ads, and combinations ad groups (search ads with impression add-ons). CTA's for each ad, such as phone number, location information and site links, which helps increase your Quality Score and drives quality traffic. 

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Adwords Budget & Bid Management

Whenever a keyword/keyphrase(example, "football") is searched on  Google, all the ads matching the word ("football") begins to bid to be the number 1 ad to appear in Google Search. Our powerful bid-management system can ensure that your ad is the first ad the person searching will see while reducing your Cost-Per-Click if the ad is clicked. 

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Adwords Campaign Optimization

Many factors affect a PPC campaign optimization, including landing page flow, product relevance, website category structure, keywords,  physical location, business structure (online, brick and mortar or both), whether you will receive calls, etc. We work to improve your Google Ads quality score, lower your Cost-Per-Click (CPC), and drive maximum traffic. 

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Google Ads Conversion Tracking

All ads are tracked for conversion with sophisticated tracking mechanisms and human iteration, from click or impression to the landing page action - whether the conversion is generating sign-up leads, successful subscriptions, shopping cart purchase, telephone inquiries. End-to-end conversion tracking and iteration improve will improve ROI. 

Our Five Step Formula

Real People. Real Experience.

Select the best plan for you and we'll take it from there.  Advertise on Google  -  3X your sales!

  • We Meet You

    We assign a Adwords marketing team to serve you. 48hrs after your purchase of our PPC service you will meet with your personal Pro to discuss what our team has uncovered and our agenda for your advertising campaign. Your Pro will be your dedicated support through your campaign. 

  • You Talk - We Listen

    You know your business best and know the goals would like to achieve from our Google Ads advertising. So we listen and learn from you before we begin your adverting campaign.

  • We Research

    This is where the ball gets rolling. Our Google Ads team dig their heels into research. We discover your most profitable keywords and keyphrase. We uncover your competitors' Ad strategies and identify your best prospect to attract.

  • We Analyze

    Our team generates reports on your service via premium granular analytics and human audit. Here we audit your URL, TLD, and landing page for profitability and optimization. We analyze your current traffic pattern and conversion. 

  • We Build and Manage

    Our Adwords marketing expert team build your advertising campaign and manage your services according to your plan. Our goal is to increase your revenue and attract rapid awareness of your business while reducing the space of your competitors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPC or Paid Search Campaign?

Google reserved spots on their search network for sponsored ads to appear directly before prospective customers as they search for goods and services using words called "Keywords or Keyphrases." For example, a customer is searching for winter boots and types "winter boots" in the search, an ad with the keyword "winter boots" listed in its background will appear in the search results. 

Whenever your prospective customers search on Google, your ads and your competitors' ads generate a bid for the top placement in the search results. Many algorithm factors come into play and the winning ads appear, and the winning ads pay a fee for each click the ads generate. 

Our Paid Search Campaign management is designed to minimize the cost you pay for each click while ensuring that your ads show up in the top position of Google search console. 

Will Google Ads Pay-Per-Click work for my business?

One of the best advantages of PPC advertising is that it is ideal for nearly all types of businesses. A Pay-Per-Click campaign directly targets customers who are searching online for what you offer. With *Google being the largest search platform, ads for your business will be placed in front of customers using the Google search engine, Youtube, mobile apps, Gmail, other premier advertising partner websites and online magazines.

*Ads in Google Search results are clicked more organic (non-paid) search results. 

Can I target specific customers with Google PPC advertising?

Yes. We can target customers through several channels, such as the history of keywords searched, geographic location, gender, age group, interest, business, pleasure, education, social involvement and many more.

When will I see the outcome of my campaign?

The main advantage of a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is its quick results. Most PPC advertisers will realize an increase in the traffic to their website, and an increase in conversion rates for their product or service from the first days after we launch their Google Ads campaign.

How can I assess the effect of my campaign?

We will provide you with monthly breakdown reports of your PPC ad performance; you can also contact your Marketing Pro at any time to discuss your campaign's progress. However, the effects will be very visible to you in the high-volume traffic to your website and conversion rates, which demonstrates that targeted visitors are clicking on your ads and visiting your website.

How do I decide the budget for my PPC campaign?

The overall budget for your Pay-Per-Click campaign depends largely on the cost of each keyword in your ad group(s), and the dollar amount which you are prepared to spend for a particular keyword to render your ad.

Your Marketing Pro will discuss your budget in detail, as there are mechanisms that we can employ to reduce your overall budget and the amount that you spend on your keywords.

Why should we hire for our advertising needs?

An efficiently launched PPC campaign has the ability to generate passive revenue, while an improper campaign can negatively affect your bottom line. Saletotrafic is a team of skilled Certified Google Ads professional who will create paid search Google Ads campaigns that help you reach your targeted audience. 

At each client is assigned a personal Marketing Professional for dedicated support. 

Can I cancel my monthly subscription anytime?

Sure, after the first three months upfront subscription your service plan will revert to a month-by-month service.  At that point, you can choose to not renew your subscription, just drop your Marketing Pro an email and we will cancel for you. Otherwise, your plan will continue to be actively charged each month.

No refund will be made after three (3) days of any plan subscription. If after 30 days we have not received a payment to continue your service plan, your subscription will auto cancel and we will no longer provide services.

If you return to us after a three (3) months time laps without our service, you will be considered as an initial subscription and be subjected to the initial subscription of three months. 

Please contact your Marketing Pro immediately for the best resolution of any concern regarding your plan and billing. 

Do I need to keep renewing the SEO subscription?

No, the renewal of your subscription is optional, but we are confident that you will see rave results and continue growing your business with us.

What happen next after I have subscribed?

Within 48 hrs after you have made your initial subscription you will receive a personalized welcome email from your Marketing Pro, with a question and answer form for you to tell us more about your business and goals for your campaign. You will fill out this form and send it back to us.

Your Marketing Pro will then invite you to a kick-off call to reveal the results of your website audit, our analysis of your online footprint and discuss the agenda for our campaign and what to expect from our service.

After our call with you, we will gather as a team at the drawing board and create your campaign roadmap, then start building.

You may hear from us several times in the initial stages, then once we are settled in your campaign, your marketing pro will schedule weekly calls with you.

Any requested material or information will be via your Marketing Pro, who is also your dedicated support.

How long does a subscription last?

Most digital marketing services will take at least 3-months for there to be any real change online, therefore, your initial payment is a 3-month subscription plan with us. After the first three months is completed, your subscription will revert to a monthly plan (will be serviced on a month-to-month basis).

Your subscription will automatically cancel if no payment is made after 30 days.

If your account remains cancelled for a 3-months period and your wish to return for services, you will be considered as an initial subscription and be subjected to the initial subscription of three months. 

Your Marketing Pro is your dedicated support, please feel free to reach out to them with any questions about your account servicing.

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